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Salpiglossis Please can you give a definition of the plant and what soil and conditions it needs

On plant Salpiglossis



Not sure what you mean by "give a definition" ?

They're a half hardy annual, you sow the seeds in spring, usually around now and grow them on in a frost free place until they're planted out in the garden sfter the risk of frost has gone (late may, early june)

They flower all summer then die in autumn and are thrown away.

Don't think they're particularly fussy about soil as long as they're in moist, free draining, rich soil and they will enjoy a position out of strong winds which gives at least partial sun, if not full sun.

They will be ideal for tubs but will need staking as they can get tall.

Hope this helps

26 Mar, 2014

This link gives lots of info.

26 Mar, 2014

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