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Hi all!I have a Twisted Hazel

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Hi all!

I have a Twisted Hazel: Corylus Contorta which seems to be starting to droop over more than when we had it. Obviously, it now has leaves on it but I wondered if it needs staking in the ground to support it or is this the norm?

I do realise that the general shape is that of being contorted and twisted but just wanted re-assurance that it won't snap if not supported!


I've now included a photo for bamboo and anyone else who has the stomach to witness my twisted!




no it wont snap its tough as old boots infact i did accidently nearly snap the top of mine and it fused back together and is fine now .

30 May, 2010


Cool, thanks NP.

Looking forward to your open day mate? I have been dipping in and out with everyone's blogs but work is currently restricting my time on GoY.

I hva seen your blogs but not had chance to comment as I'm normally in a rush and cruise through 2 or 3 blogs before back to other things!!

I'm sure it will be a HUGE success seeing all the amazing work you have and are putting in.

Good luck with it mate, you deserve it as you're amazingly talented.

30 May, 2010


couple of queries on your question Oddbillie - are you saying the whole thing is tipping sideways, or that you've got more growth one side so it looks lopsided? Because if its the former, you probably need to do something to stop it tipping over, specially if its growing in light or damp soil, and if the rootball is lifting one side.

30 May, 2010


sounds painful OB!!

30 May, 2010


ouch id hate my root ball to hang out lol

30 May, 2010


thank you so much oddbillie

30 May, 2010


Oh, it's in a pot! No, its fine, its just growing lopsided, that's all. Horrible shape, I'd be inclined to trim that long leader back.

31 May, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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