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Eucalyptus Tree problems


By Dreeny8

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I seem to have a number of problems with various items in my garden this year, maybe due to the harsh winter we experienced. Most can be dealt with but the latest thing to occur, or I have just spotted, is with a youngish Eucalyptus Tree. We inherited this but I'd hazard a guess at it being 4/5 years old. A few weeks ago I noticed that some of the lower leaves (can't see the top anyway!) had black marks on them and little raised "pimples"
It is sighted next to another shrub which has a few black leaves but is growing away nicely and producing new leaves. Now both are near a Photina which has definitely got Blackspot and is dropping leaves everywhere but again it is putting on new growth. However, yesterday I noticed that the Gum tree,s leaves at eye level have turned Brown and looks to be travelling upwards. I don't like to destroy any plant/shrub,tree but, in my opinion, this tree was planted in a very silly spot by the previous owners being sited right on a corner, practically on the drive and it gets full blast of any high winds. However, I suspect it would be no easy task to dismantle it even though it is relatively young.
Suggestions please.



I dont know if these plants are diseased or not Dreen but would suggest that you take the eucalyptus out while it is still managable because they get HUGE very quickly. or you could try and coppice it to keep it to a size more able to cope with. the young leaves are supposed to be a better colour too

30 May, 2010


Cut back to either a single stem 3-4ft to pollard it or back to a stump to coppice it. You will be surprised at how fast it springs back!

31 May, 2010


thanku for replies, coppice would appear to be the favoured option.

1 Jun, 2010

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