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euonymus I.D. Can anyone tell me which euonymus this is please? I've had it some years and forgotten its name. Thanks:-)

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It looks like a Silver Queen to me, but I'm not too sure because of the shape.

28 Mar, 2014


I second that.

28 Mar, 2014


I have a similar one called 'emerald 'n gold' is that different?

the green and cream one I have is emerald gaiety

28 Mar, 2014


Yes, I think you've got, thanks. I've no idea why it's the shape it is, I bet I could topiarise? it. Almost looks vase shape doesn't it:-)

28 Mar, 2014


Hiya Pam, no, I have quite a few emerald & gold, this one is far larger also has larger leaves. You snuck in while I was making my comment:-))) I have another two different ones which I need too:-)

28 Mar, 2014


I would have said Emerald and Gold too,Ba..looks more like the ones I have. My Silver Queen is a lighter green,and creamy ,rather than gold...I haven't seen Emerald Gaiety.,so maybe that's more like yours?
It will respond to a good pruning,and Topiary should look nice too..:o)

28 Mar, 2014


I bought a very similar looking one growing as a standard. It's called E. japonica Bravo.

28 Mar, 2014


On second thoughts it is a bit too yellow for Silver Queen, but still not convinced about Emerald'n Gold though the second two pics look more like it than the first one. But Silver Queen will eventually make a large bush though I've only ever seen one which was as tall as me. It was the large leaves that suggested it.
Just checked out Scottish's suggestion - that certainly looks more like it than any of the others.

28 Mar, 2014


Oh now I come to think of it we do have two bigger sturdier shrubs, they were in pots until they outgrew them are in the field with the trees now ( they were 4'tall and straggly until I pruned them....)

Emerald gaiety is cream&green bloomer, the 'emeralds' are old varieties I think, been here over 25 years, have a nice 'sunspot' next to the camellia, tall shrub, glossy leaves rather thsn the more matt of the others and reverse colouring

very useful group of shrubs, bright on the darkest day

29 Mar, 2014


It's definitely not one of the 'emeralds', leaves much larger, but it does look like some pics of Bravo and descriptions. I have seen pics of Silver Queen which look just like it too. I shall call it Queen Bravo .... unless anyone has a better idea? :-))) Thinking about it ...I may have chopped it into this funny shape to give some space to a very large hosta. Thanks for all your suggestions, GOY never lets you down does it:-))

29 Mar, 2014


They do look quite similar, but Silver Queen is actually a Euonymus fortunei variety, whereas Bravo is a cultivar of Euonymus japonicus. Fortunei varieties tend to be wider at the base, and will 'climb' if planted flush against a wall or given support - japonicus varieties are upright shrubs which don't have this habit.

Based on that, unless you deliberately pruned out the bottom of this shrub in the picture, I'd suggest it's actually Euonymus japonicus 'Bravo'.

29 Mar, 2014


Is my sunspot a japonicus Bamboo?
its nearly as tall as me whereas the emeralds are about my knees

29 Mar, 2014


Thanks for that info Bamboo, it is possible that I pruned it. I've had it quite a few years aand always know I won't forget the name of any plant I have so don't label duh. Perhaps Bravo is a new variety? if so it's not that, problem solved, if not ...back to square one:-)

29 Mar, 2014


Nope Pamg, Sunspot is a fortunei variety. I've grown that one before and it doesn't have a very upright habit with a central trunk like japonica varieties.

Even worse, anyone been to Tesco's lately? They had a variety of about 7 shrubs on sale last week priced at £7, which included Photinia Little Red Robin, a couple of Pieris and a Euonymus, very attractive, one I'd not seen before, looks like E. 'Harlequin' in colouration, but is actually a small bush. It was called something like E. piccolo, but I managed to buy the only one in the store which didn't have a label, and I can't find any info under 'piccolo'.... If anyone's going to Tesco, check out the shrubs for me and tell me what the proper name of it was...
Oh well, I just phoned Tesco - the plant is called Euonymus piperolino, and guess what, Google's never heard of it, oh dear...

It's almost impossible to keep up with all these new varieties.

UPDATE for anyone who's interested: the name of the one I bought is actually Euonymus pierrolino, blimey, that's all we need, plant labels with the wrong spelling.... its a very attractive shrub.

30 Mar, 2014


Whatever it is, lol, I would cut out those plain leaves otherwise it will try to revert. I have not heard of a Bravo, will google.

31 Mar, 2014


I bought some sempervivum £1.50 each in tesco, so cute
didn't see shrubs though
thanks Bamboo, its had a trim as it was reverting, some green branches, some bright yellow!

31 Mar, 2014


Now I'm going to google e.pierrolino, Thanks Bamboo:-)

31 Mar, 2014

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