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Sambucus Racemosa died suddenly last summer. Beautiful 10 year old shrub and a few years earlier an Escallonia (again about 10 years old) also died very suddenly. It's a clay bed but given lots of compost. I'm now wondering why they died after years of flourishing.
I'm also wondering whether I can plant a Fatsia Japonica close to where the Sambucus was.



Without knowing the symptoms before they died, particularly the Sambucus, its hard to say whether there's a problem in that area, but if both grew happily for ten years, then I can't see any reason why you shouldn't plant something else there. Fatsia prefers a shady spot that doesn't dry out too much, and which isn't in a windy frost pocket in winter.

29 Mar, 2014


Thanks bamboo. The only symptom i remember is the leaves shrivelling and then dying. I loved the Sambucus - such a graceful arching shrub and it was in a shady spot too so I'll give the fatsia a go as it seems the ideal place. That's if I've got the stamina to dig up the sambucus roots!

29 Mar, 2014


They'll be rather large after ten years, good luck with that...

31 Mar, 2014

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