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woodlice have nested in , to about 6 inches,and are destroying the trunk of my apple do I
stop this. What do I kill them with?



Ant killer usually lists woodlice on it. The spray kind.

29 Mar, 2014



the woodlice have moved in because it is damp/dark and safe to live they do little damage if any, just feeding from the decaying bark , sounds like you have another problem with the tree if the bark is dead or dying.

The woodlice have highlighted a problem but are not the cause

29 Mar, 2014


Poor old woodlice get the blame for everything. As you say Gnarly, they don't kill plants or trees, just recycle dead and decaying bits.

29 Mar, 2014


so true Cammomile


29 Mar, 2014


Agree with Cammomile and GG you have another problem with your apple tree which the woodlice have highlighted. They are totally incapable of eating healthy wood.

29 Mar, 2014


I know I suggested ant killer, but I have always liked woodlice. As little kid, I used to search for them in my Nan's garden.

30 Mar, 2014


We have an old house and they get in the bathroom via the side of the bath - then I kill them, or they crawl over the floor at night!

30 Mar, 2014

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