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By Aubanne

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Please help.... We just moved to a new house and I think it is a crabapple tree that we have and it has a mushroom like fungus on it. It appears that the fungus is killing the branches. I would like some help figuring out how to treat the tree to save it. Here is a picture of the berry and the fungus I appreciate any help.

On plant Think it is a crab apple tree

Image Image



Sorry, I cannot help you, but could googling the problem help you at all?

29 Mar, 2014


That's a bracket fungus (probably Inonotus hispidus), and the fruiting body you have pictured is produced long after the fungus infects the tree. It infects, and causes decay in, the heartwood of the tree, usually from an external wound/broken branch. I suspect the tree will be in decline, and certainly the fungus will be well established. You might be able to cut away the affected branches and see how the tree looks after surgery, but I would be looking towards removal and perhaps replacement.

30 Mar, 2014

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