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I have this small tree in my new garden, after lots of searching I am now in your hands.
Can anyone identify the photo, the cone shapes are a dark reddish colour.




Its Rheus

30 Mar, 2014


Is that Stagshorn Sumach Cammomile?

30 Mar, 2014


Yes it is a Stag's horn sumach.
Botanical name Rhus typhina. They can sucker but usually just mow then off.

30 Mar, 2014


Lovely small tree which has almost exotic foliage in summer and stunning colour in autumn. It can produce lots of suckers....keep cutting them off.

One thing with this plant, If you lick (not eat) the flowers, they taste of sherbert !!!!!

30 Mar, 2014


Thank you all for replying.
Looks a fantastic plant, I will now read up on it's care.

30 Mar, 2014

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