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transplanting tomatoes


By Asyaver

United Kingdom Gb

I have just discovered to my amusement that I have tomatoes growing in my garden. I did not put them there...they just magically appeared. They are growing on a piece of land that used to have the composter on it until about 2 months ago. Perhaps I threw some rotten tomatoes in and the seeds germinated. They are just over a foot tall and flowering. Can I move them now or are they best left where they are?



Probably best left alone if they are flowering-stake them so they dont flop over. Apparently it also happens a lot near sewage farms for reasons I wont go into!

15 Jul, 2008


thanks to you both

15 Jul, 2008


If they are not flowering yet you could move them as long as you do not disturb any of the soil around the root and water them well before and after moving.

15 Jul, 2008


By the way, I did move some of them and they have taken very well. Left the tallest in place. One was floppy for a day after moving and now is doing great and has flowers. One of the plants has one vine of quite significant sized tomatoes already. I am very excited to try them! I think tomato fertilizer helped too.

28 Jul, 2008

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