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By Chezmiz

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Could someone please advise what tree this is and how to maintain it? I think it's a pussy willow but no idea how to prune etc as just moved to a new house with it in garden.




Looks like a Kilmarnock Willow to me, Salix caprea 'Kilmarnock'. You can prune the branches back to the length they are currently in autumn or allow them to grow right down to the ground, which ours does. Don't prune to severely as it will end up looking very odd!

31 Mar, 2014


If you want catkins on it, then pruning is done after this years flowering. They flower next year on wood produced this year. So if you prune in Autumn you are removing the flowering branches.

31 Mar, 2014


Good point Owdb. I'd forgotten that - we rarely prune ours.

31 Mar, 2014


I remove any dead branches and about a third of the old ones,that way the whole top is renewed every three years.

31 Mar, 2014


We wait until the tree is starting to cross the road and then cut back. Not advice for most folk!

31 Mar, 2014

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