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Fuscia plant

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I got a fuisia plant for Mother's Day in a pot how do I care for it do I transfer it to a basket and put it outside or has it got to stay inside



Also I got a hydrangea plant as well can I plant that outside now or do I have to wait until it's a bit warmer outside

1 Apr, 2014


Hi Mad and welcome to GoY. In both cases it depends whether the plant you have is a hardy fuchsia or hydrangea or a house plant… I suspect at this time of year they will be house plants but you need to find out.

1 Apr, 2014


If the fuchsia is a hardy one (unlikely) it can be planted outside after you've hardened it off by leaving it out over increasing periods, but you can't do that till end of April early May. If its not a hardy one, it can still go out in a pot or tub after mid May, again when risk of frost is past, and again having gone through the hardening off process.

The hydrangea can be planted outside, but the same rules apply - harden off, don't plant it before mid May, so in the meantime, enjoy both of them in the house.

1 Apr, 2014


Does the fuchsia have a label with the name of the variety on it?

2 Apr, 2014

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