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I have a small (2 yr old) Oleander tree growing in a pot on my south-facing patio, which is currently quite sunny.
Whilst the plant itself looks generally sound, many of its leaves have suddenly gone very yellow and dry, at the same time becoming covered in 'rust' spots.
I know that Oleanders can take full sun, even in relatively dry soil - which is not the case here, since the content of the pot is nicely moist.
I really don't know what to think: At a guess, it seems to be lacking some sort of nutrient (potash, perhaps???).
- Anybody got any ideas?
Thank you.




Examine the backs of the leaves and the stems/woody parts to see if there's any scale infestation present, or some other pest such as red spider mite. If you can't find anything, its likely it needs potting on into a larger container with fresh potting compost - you will probably need to cut it back in May to encourage new, healthy growth.

It has the look of a plant which has dried out at some point, or one that's been growing away nicely and has been caught more than once by a cold snap, or one that's run out of root room. also check the roots and the soil in the pot for signs of infestation there (ants, chafer grub)

1 Apr, 2014

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