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By Windy64

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Another i.d please..... i absolutely love this growing next door on a bit of waste ground... i would love to know everything about it especially whens the best time to be able to move it... many thanks. p

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Its a Ribes [flowering currant]. An ornamental shrub. better to move it in the mid autumn when its dropped its leaves or very early spring before it flowers.

1 Apr, 2014


I have taken cuttings from mine, leave it until its finished flowering and the wood is semi ripe, it won't hurt the plant to prune it then.

2 Apr, 2014


Don't be tempted to cut any for the house as it smells of tom cats.

2 Apr, 2014


Thankyou, i was going to say about the TC odour but i guess it would'nt be a ornamental shrub if it had a sweet smell but a perfect shrub....i cant imagine what sort of insect would be enticed by the smell, big big thanks. p

3 Apr, 2014


It is very popular with bees and early butterflies.

4 Apr, 2014

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