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I'm growing thyme indoors from an existing plant. The plant's soil was pretty dry and the stems were woody and thick with leaves, though drying out badly. Now it is watered and growing once more the stems have suddenly sprouted and are thin with large gaps between leaf buds. Why is this? Whenever I have bought thyme as a fresh herb it has been relatively woody with plenty of leaves.




it's etiolated - meaning its not getting enough light (prefers full sun) so its putting on weak stem growth to enlongate itself sufficiently to reach for the window or wherever the light is coming from.

2 Apr, 2014


Yes, it wants less heat and more light.

2 Apr, 2014


Excellent thanks. This is Scotland so full sun may be hard to come by but we'll see...

3 Apr, 2014


it would get much more light outside later on, even in Scotland...

3 Apr, 2014

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