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Can I grow a Photinia fraseri Red Robin OR an Arbutos unedo Strawberry Tree in a large pot on the Patio?



Hi, welcome to GoY, the red robin has a height and spread of about 15ft, the arbutus, has a height and spread of about 25ft, so neither of them are really suitable to be grown in a container, although you may be able to grow them for a short while in containers, you will eventually have to plant them in the ground, if you want them to reach their full potential, Derek.

2 Apr, 2014


Of the two, the Photinia is the best choice for a tub, though what Derekm says is accurate. The only thing with Photinia is, it does respond quite well to cutting, so you could prune it back a couple of times a year to keep it a bit more lively and smaller.

3 Apr, 2014


Maybe an Arbutus unedo 'Compacta', or Elfin King'?

3 Apr, 2014

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