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whats wrong withmy fushcia


By Bren


any one have any idea why the leaves on my hardy fushcia are all curled at the ends.thera are no bugs on them at all




It is only the end of the leaves that are curling,I plucked a section off to examine it, but there is nothing there,no bugs no greenfly or blackfly,nothing, thanks anyway,it is usually a picture at this time of the year

15 Jul, 2008


Looks as if some weedkiller has touched it?Is it the same all over or just the bit in the picture?

15 Jul, 2008


Is it in full sun -??

15 Jul, 2008


Thanks for all answers.
no weedkiller and it is,nt in the full sun and ,yes it is all over,but only on the first few inches of each branch and I think what I will do , is what Marguarite suggested and take sample to a nursery.
Thanks everybody

16 Jul, 2008


I googled "help my fushcia leaves are curling" and had a shock!!! Apparently,a microscopic mite has infested fushcias on the continent,and in 2007 it was found in guernsey,and then in Kent and it has to be reported to Defra,so they can see how far it has have to collect all infected parts wearing rubber gloves,put in plastic bag and destroy.I hope i,m wrong,but I cannot see anything on the shrub except distorted leaves.

16 Jul, 2008


I have a small hardy fuchsia that has this problem every year and then recovers which it is doing at the moment

16 Jul, 2008

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