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I have Styrofoam huts over my David Austin roses and wonder when I should take them off. There is no sign of any leaves on trees here budding yet, in Canada. Do I take them off then or before? We are still going down to -2C most nights. The species crocuses are in bloom, snowdrops open, one primrose and by sheltered areas, the daffodils are about six inches high with buds.
My Austin roses are considered hardy for British Columbia where I live.
Thank you.



If the roses are hardy for where you live, I'd remove them now - coupled with the fact that -2C are your nightly temperatures, that's not much worse than we'd get here in the UK during the winter, and our hardy roses are exposed all the time. You might want to release them from their huts gradually though by removing during the day for increasing periods, and replacing overnight until eventually, after a week or so, they're off at night too.

6 Apr, 2014


I'd agree with the comments above. David Austen roses are fully hardy here and are left out all the time.

6 Apr, 2014


Thank you so much for replying to my question. I shall gradually take the huts off. I have ten and would hate to lose them.

7 Apr, 2014

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