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meconopsis horridula, anyone know anything about it? I bought it today (along with other plants lol) at a car boot sale and can't really find out much about it. Does it like shade? moist/dry soil, acid/alkali. Is it hardy etc?? Any one know these plants? :-)

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Meconopsis horridula is one of a group of similar plants, Bornagain, and comes from the Himalayas. It likes a well drained soil in partial shade but with plenty of sunshine and a generally neuteral soil. We grow it in a trough. The plant is monocarpic (ie it dies after it has flowered) but it sets plenty of seed. In our trough we don't bother to collect the seed but let it fall onto the compost where we now have a nice little colony of the plants. It is a little gem and well worth trying to keep going.

30 May, 2010


Thanks Bah, it's so much better to get advice from someone who grows it, when I googled, the info was unclear. Would it be ok in multi purpose compost if I keep it in some sort of container or would it prefer soil base? I have areas to fill (blank canvas) either facing north, north east or east, Which do you think the best? The North bit is in shade of fence, but not overhung. Does it have long flowering period?

31 May, 2010


We grow it in a trough in a soil based compost; If you use multi-purpose I would suggest adding plenty of grit to it. Our trough is in the partial shade of a tree paeony and, I suppose facing NE. Each flower does not have a particulary long flowering period but the buds keep opening in succession so, overall, it does last for a while. I would collect some seed for sowing ion a pot and let other seed fall to the ground to see if it will grow naturally. The horridula you have is a nice colour and it would be good if you could keep it going.
Good luck with it, Bornagain.

31 May, 2010


Thanks again Bah, with any luck I will put a pic of many on here next year:-)

31 May, 2010

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