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Hi there.
I need some advice. I bought a 4.5ft christmas tree in dec 13. It's pot grown. I really want to re pot it, but quite a lot of needles have fallen off and it's not as green as it was. Will they ever grow back, is it worth repotting?
Thank you so much

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Hi welcome to GoY, I would repot it a s a p, the pot it's in is far too small for a plant that size, fortunately, it looks as though it's only the lower branches that seem to be affected, the needles won't grow back on these, but that isn't a problem, because they lose the lower branches normally, as the tree grows, so I would cut off the worst affected to tidy the tree, Derek.

11 Apr, 2014


Always worth a try to repot it and see how it goes.

11 Apr, 2014


Don't hold your breath though.

12 Apr, 2014

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