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Acer palmatum advice please. I've never attempted to grow an acer but morrison's are selling little ones for £4 so I thought I'd have a go.
Plant is about 12" high in a 4" pot. Should I pot it up into a 5 or 6" pot or will it be ok going into an 8" clay pot? Third option would be to plant in a biodegradable pot into a much bigger ceramic pot (I have a couple of big but quite shallow pots). Was also thinking of getting one to bonsai it.




I'd pot it up into a 6" pot, I think. It might be too much for it to go straight into a larger size.

12 Apr, 2014


I bought one from there last year,Urbanite..and it's doing great..I potted mine on to the next size up too,but stood it in a decorative one,for stability..and in a shadier Ericaceous compost,and I added gravel on top to stop it drying out..It grew really well,but I kept it in a Conservatory over winter,till about 3 weeks beautiful now,and potted on into a decorative pot.hope yours does well too..I have never had a failure plant from Morries :o)

12 Apr, 2014


Thanks for advice. They were even better value at £3 (not £4) so I've just picked up two more

13 Apr, 2014


They look really healthy sturdy little plants! A good buy.

14 Apr, 2014

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