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Please could anyone recommend a pink (fairly bright pink) flower at least 2 ft tall to brighten a border that's in dappled shade. I have Red Campion (Silene) coming, but would love something frothier!! Thanks :)



Sidalacea looks a bit like a holly hock and will tolerate some shade and they can get to about 2-3ft tall. though not a frothy flower as such but good non the less.

13 Apr, 2014


Great idea Seaburngirl . . . I have a pale pink Sidalcea, but hadn't realised that there was a brighter one - thanks.

13 Apr, 2014


How about aquilegia, Japanese anemones or fuschia? All of these have varieties in shades of pink.
Or astilbe - they're frothy

13 Apr, 2014


I was going to suggest Astilbe,as well..dappled shade would be ideal..unless it isn't what you were looking for..but if you want to take a peek at 3..first photo on bottom line.? .my Sidalcea's are like yours,pale pink..but I love them :o)

13 Apr, 2014


Phlox paniculata, Bright Eyes

14 Apr, 2014


Thank you all for some great ideas. Bloomer - I've looked at your Astilbes, and I've never seen Astilbes like that - amazing!

Badfish - I had some 'Bright Eyes' but they only lasted a couple of years . . . love them though, and they would certainly liven up my dappled shade :)

14 Apr, 2014


fox gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are bright pink ones and they littraly live in dappled could also have honey suckle there are reddish pink kinds.

14 Apr, 2014


Astilbes are a good idea but they also like it dampish. So if that works then that is a good choice.

Have a look at Sidalacea Party Girl. That's the one I have and I do have some smallish plants if you are interested Shelia. Pm me if you are :o)

16 Apr, 2014


What a kind offer, Seaburngirl . . . I will certainly have a look. I have some Malve sylvestris (purplish red), which is similar; might have one or two spares!

17 Apr, 2014

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