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Wooden Drawer Units .. help with enabling wooden drawers to slide easily.

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I'm busy tidying my garden shed which contains several wooden drawer units.

Which method have you found best please for helping the wooden drawers to slide easily to and fro ?

I've heard of soap, wax ... all kinds of ideas ..

Thanks in advance for your help.




Candle wax. Rub a candle along all the edges.

17 Apr, 2014


Thank you :o)

17 Apr, 2014


Depending on how badly they stick you might want to run a piece of sandpaper over first - gets rid of dirt built up over the years and just takes out any swollen wood before the wax seals it.

17 Apr, 2014


Thanks, Urbanite..
I rubbed all touching sides and edges with candle wax, as kindly advised by Snoop and Bulba, but one big drawer still sticks, so I might sand it and then re-wax it.

17 Apr, 2014


My OH uses silcone polish spray. and on quality furniture uses beeswax.

17 Apr, 2014


Thanks Seaburngirl ..
useful advice :o)

17 Apr, 2014

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