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I want to try painting or dabbing Glysophate or similar on ground elder. I am having difficulty finding a product. May I have suggestions.



All I have ever done in the past is to mix a little wallpaper paste with Glysophate and painted that on.

17 Apr, 2014


a couple of years ago Roundup brought out a hand dabbing glyphosphate gel product.
Personally I mix glyphospate in an old jug and just use a paint brush to paint it on the leaves rather than spraying. cheaper too.

17 Apr, 2014


I use Roundup. I wear rubber gloves and dip my fingers in the roundup, then rub onto the leaves.

17 Apr, 2014


I bought some today that you wipe on from the container but haven't tried it yet. the other ideas are cheaper and I wish I'd seen the suggestions yesterday!

17 Apr, 2014

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