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After the fence blew down, I rebuilt the whole border, banking and shoring it up with an idea of a small stumpery.. heres some photos to show how its developed since February. Ive brought logs and stumps home each time I walk the dogs and backfilled it....heres the question, whats the best way to encourage moss growth on whats turning out to be a bonsai stumpery? Any ideas on planting it up? I've got ferns and campanulas.....

Forest_stump Forest_stump_2 Forest_stump_7



It looks wonderful.
As moss has no roots you could move moss from other areas in your garden and wire it to the stumps. They will need lots of moisture as they gain their water directly through their leaves.

17 Apr, 2014


I read that putting joghurt on things encourages moss to grow.

18 Apr, 2014

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