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Hi attached photo of a Wasp this is the bigget wasp i have seen in my life, is it a mutant? We have lots of them feeding on a plant in our garden. Plant is also on the photo anybody tell us what it is? John & Gillian




I had one a couple of years ago-- it got in the conservatory so I put a jar over it and googled it , the one I had turned out to be docile and only stung if really agitated so i let it go

31 May, 2010


Definitely NOT a wasp!

31 May, 2010


Hi Bamboo .. well it has colouring like a wasp & it hums louder than other wasps .. so what do you think it is? We have loads of them feeding on this plant along with normal wasps & bees?

31 May, 2010


if you go to the natural history website ( or access it by googling ' giant wasp') theres very good info saying it a european hornet and docile

31 May, 2010


I'd say it was a hornet as well - scary though, wouldn't want that blundering into me...

31 May, 2010

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