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By Jvt

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Please can you give me some information about putting collars around leeks?
I know the reason why it's done but not sure when you place them around the plant and the height they should be both above and below the soil
Many thanks, John



Hi Snoopdog, thanks for answering. I'm led to believe that these tubular collars which are around 8 -10 inches high are placed on top of the Leek to do exactly the same job as earthing them up. There is a picture of this in my book but with no details as to when it's done which posed my original question
I have lots of leeks growing now outdoors in modular trays which are extremely thin but about 5 inches tall, should I be thinking of planting them out now
Also, sorry about all the question, how wide should the hole be, just the width of the dabber?
I'm assuming that the width of the hole determines the final girth of the Leek?
Have a great Easter


18 Apr, 2014


I've never seen anybody using collars. You can use something like an old spade handle if you happen to have a broken one - anything about an inch in diameter. The size of the hole doesn't affect the diameter of the leek. As Snoop says, just pop the young plant into the hole and fill the hole with water. Soil will run down into the hole and cover the roots. An old gardener told me to take the top inch or so off the plant and he also took some off the root "It doesn't need all that" he said. And it doesn't seem to!
Must confess I don't earth mine up either and they are perfectly OK. Good fertile soil is the most important thing.
Sorry Snoop, couldn't resist putting my oar in!

18 Apr, 2014

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