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I have cropped the photo of the wasp to show the size of it . John & Gillian




Wow! Thats a Big'n

31 May, 2010


I think it might be a hornet - quite rare nowadays and harmless unless you really upset ut!!

31 May, 2010


Not a wasp, for sure.

31 May, 2010


I've had a look in our wise book, Collins complete British Wildlife, and yes I think that could be a hornet.

31 May, 2010


Hope it's not type of hornet that Janey wrote about in her blog! If it is, apparently it eats honeybees and has a sting which is very painful and can be lethal. She had one in her garden and said it was about 1.5". Please read her blog for more information.

31 May, 2010


It is indeed Vespa crabo (Common Hornet) and is a magnificent creature that is now sadly too rare.

31 May, 2010


the natural history website says that the euopean hornet is not the bee eating one and is docile do you think thats right Fractal?

31 May, 2010


Let's hope it is....:o)

31 May, 2010


They do kill the odd bee but bees are a small part of their grubs diet. They prefer easier targets really. They do far more good than bad so on balance, leave them alone and respect them for their beauty.

ps a car driving for twenty miles or more on a warm summers day kills far more insects (including bees of course) than any Hornet!

31 May, 2010


well put Fractal.
I can sympathise with people being a bit scared of them though, at this size. I think I would be too.

31 May, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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