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I have very large conifers as you'll see in my photos but I am thinking of having them cut all one height , a lot shorter than they are now. I dont really want to do this but the cost of having them cut all the time is too much.I prefer the more natural look as opposed to a hedge .If I could get them cut a lot shorter but still shaped would be good but I dont know if thats possible, does anyone know?



Hi, you can't really cut these, because they don't regrow from old wood, and the size of those, you would probably need to cut them in half to notice a lot of difference, I can only imagine what it costs to pay for them to be trimmed, would it be cheaper to buy a petrol hedge trimmer, that fits oto an extension pole, and a set of sturdy step ladders, and do it yourself, Derek.

19 Apr, 2014


For some reason I can't see your photo but several years ago I had a similar situation to yours.
My next door neighbour had a row of leylandii which had grown to about 14ft high, stopping the sun from reaching my patio behind it.
I asked him if I could cut it down 6ft and he said yes as long as I got rid of all the offcuts etc.
I did this, cutting them all to 7ft high ( an extra foot ! To match the back of my garage), and have been trimming it ever since, arriving at a very satisfactory hedge. The other side is a mess as they haven't looked after it at all but my side is fine.
I'd like to add a photo here but can't seem to do it so will try to send it to you personally.

19 Apr, 2014


Please ignore my reply ( above), I've just seen the sizes of you conifers and my suggestions are no use to you. I guess I got carried away.

19 Apr, 2014


Sorry you were carried away Hank, please come back!

21 Apr, 2014

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