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Any tips on growing dates?



If you mean from stones, put the stones into a plastic bag with some damp soil, seal the bag and leave it in a warm dark place (I put mine in the airing cupboard). After a few months you should see large white tap roots emerging from the stones in the bag. Take them out and put them into individual pots, then pot them on as the plants grow larger.

19 Apr, 2014


Done exactly this and nothing happening Myron .

What do I do now.

20 Apr, 2014


Skotkat, you could try soaking the seeds for a day or two first. If any float then throw them away because their probably not viable. I've also heard that filing a little bit of the outside husk away to allow the water to penetrate and the root to come through helps, but I've never done that.

I usually have success without pre-soaking them, but I do stick them in warm water and give them a good scrub with a nail brush first to remove all the sticky fruit off them, so this probably helped, and most, if not all of them germinated.

The problem I have is they tend to die off a few months to a year after I've potted them on and they never seem to grow more than about 10 inches tall. I have them in pots on my conservatory windowsill so heat and light isn't a problem. Maybe someone could let me know where I'm going wrong here?

20 Apr, 2014


We did all that you have said Myron .

Sad to as I took the back from Dubia.

20 Apr, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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