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Osmanthus....all leaves have dropped off!!

Does anyone know what may have caused this? I noticed odd leaves were falling off, but then I came home and found it like this. :o(
I took it out of the pot expecting to find the dreaded Vine Weevil grubs, but there were none. I have scraped the stems and they are green. I have re-potted it in fresh compost.
Any ideas anyone?

On plant Osmanthus heterophyllus

P1060229 P1060228



i suspect at some point it has got too dry. and this will manifest itself several weeks later.

31 May, 2010


...that's a possibility SBG, may-be I didn't water as much as should have during the hot spell we had. I hadn't related it to that as it was a while thank you! I'll leave it a while and hope for new growth.

31 May, 2010


And hopefully you put it in a larger pot, too.

31 May, 2010,no I didn't Bamboo....must get one now you have said that. :o))

31 May, 2010


The compost in the pictures looks very dry right now. Be sure to water thoroughly before transplanting.

31 May, 2010


Thanks Tug......I will. It has had a good soaking from the 24 hours of rain we have had here too!

1 Jun, 2010


Ah, Pottygardener! That tells me that when its wet or cold or raining, you don't check if the tub needs watering or not - bear in mind that most of the rain doesn't get into a tub because the foliage of the plant keeps it out - I still have to water all the pots on my balcony even if its chucking it down, except in the winter.

1 Jun, 2010


When caring for my pots, I always feel silly standing out in the rain, watering, but I've learned that I regret it if I don't!

4 Jun, 2010


...I clearly need to be more diligent in my watering.... :o)

7 Jun, 2010

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