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Tomato problem HELP
The problem is with all Indigo Rose tomatoes under my growlight in the kitchen. The Sungold tomatoes are not affected.
On the underside of the leaves, a couple of weeks ago I noticed what looked like swellings, like a aphid but it wasn't. I don't think it is something alive. I dunked them in water and held them under running water and now again, the problem is there. The stems, from the soil up to about four inches look as if they have a mold on them. Last night I put them out, so they will now not survive, in case my other toms. and plants under my two four foot, double T5 bulbs are not affected. I have grown my own tomato plants for about thirty years and not seen this before. None of my books show it.
Thanks for reading. I shall try to add photos.

Img_0771 Img_0776 Img_0784



have you found any sap sucking critters on them at all?
I wonder if its a viral/bacterial infection that's been introduced.

is it the first time you have grown this variety?

20 Apr, 2014


Thanks for your reply. No, no insects that I can detect with a magnifying glass but the swellings made me wonder if I was missing something.
I contacted the university in Vancouver and added photos. This is the reply - "Swelling on the back of the leaves looks like Edema. Graymold and Edema may indicate too humid/or poor air circulation or too low ambient temps."
I Googled Edema and found a couple of sites with photos, and were just like mine. Happy me now. It was very worrying. I mention the Edema here just in case you come across a similar disorder and will thus, know what it is.
Since there is nothing there that will contaminate other plants my husband took those I threw out, repotted and put them in his greenhouse.
I too, was wondering about vira;/bacterial infection.
Thanks again. Clemie

20 Apr, 2014

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