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tis me again, I grew some cuttings last year of chrysanthemums, they did well over winter and are now about 1 and half feet tall, and ready to flower should I pinch them out or is it too late. thanks.



are they in a greenhouse as they are normally a late summer/early autumn flower.
Pinch them out and then they will reshoot lower down the stem.
They need hardening off really and planting out side.

20 Apr, 2014


been out all winter honey, I am just amazed, I took the cutting and they have shot up like weeds, can I still pinch out although they are about to flower, no greenhouse.

21 Apr, 2014


in that case, yes pinch them out. I hadn't realised you had them outside its this mild winter. Mine die down usually but they havenmt this year so I cut them back to 4" about 2 weeks ago.

21 Apr, 2014


seaburngirl thanks honeyxxx

22 Apr, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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