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My beautiful normally healthy Acer,about 10years old and 5ft+ has only leafed on a few branches, but these seemed to have flowered first?? tiny little flowers, I wasnt aware Acers flowered?? The bare branches are alive just no sign of leaf??



Hi Angela - all tree/shrubs/plants flower though in many cases we do not see the flowers. Be patient and I'm sure the rest of the branches will open their buds. At least one of our Acers is not in full leaf yet.

20 Apr, 2014


One of my A. Orange dream has done exactly the same thing this year, full leaf at the base, but not one in the higher branches which, like yours, are definitely alive. This is the first year this has happened too. My other Orange dream has behaved normally. I'll be patient MG, but I wonder what the cause is? My other Orange Dream has been in full leaf for some time:-)

21 Apr, 2014


My orange dream has died :o(

21 Apr, 2014


Was it waterlogged SB? :-)

22 Apr, 2014

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