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Hi Guys and Gals, more of a mystery than a question...
Do any of you have a problem with some of your comments disappearing, its very frustrating, I comment on some blogs and then find out later that my comment isn't registering, been happening on and off for a long while and used to coincide with me appearing as Iciar, the last couple of weeks it has been worse but I haven't noticed Iciar popping up, that babe haunts me...Just wondered if it happens to anyone else.. Sue.



I have had a few comments where my user name and picture is that of someone else, but am unsure if it was just me seeing and others not. Must be a technical glitch and maybe the tech team should be notified. I think someone on here can contact for you or use the contact us link at the bottom of the page.

21 Apr, 2014


Have you told Dave in admin?
sounds like gremlins ........

22 Apr, 2014


Iciar was around earlier today, I saw a comment but can't remember what on and automatically thought it was you that had posted Lincs. I truly don't mean to associate him/her with you but it just registers that way, sorry :)

22 Apr, 2014


Thats ok Scottish, in a daft way I'm quite relieved as I hadn't noticed Iciar popping up and yet as I said my comments were still doing a disappearing act, I'll have a flit about and see if it is one of mine, I have been told by someone else that it happened to them as well but cannot for the life of me remember who it was, I did contact admin ages ago but at the time they couldn't work out what was causing it, might have to ask again...
Thanks everyone...

22 Apr, 2014


I've been Iciar quite a lot though not recently, but not seen comments disappearing in connection with it. When my comments don't appear I think its usually because I forget to click '"add comment"

22 Apr, 2014


I spotted a comment that was definitely yours Stera cos I can remember us discussing it at the time but last night I couldn't remember who it was that had told me, when it first started happening to me I assumed it was me doing something wrong as well......

22 Apr, 2014

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