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i have a year old tree peony that i need to transplant, however, it has a couple of healthy buds...should i wait until it finishes flowering, or can i move it now? yhanks in advance for your help...pat



Early autumn ideally.
Peonies aren't fond of being moved but as it's still a young plant you might get away with digging it up now but take a big block of soil with it not just the rootball - and be prepared for it to sulk while it settles down again.

22 Apr, 2014


Agree with Urbanite, best time to move, if you must, is early autumn. Do it now and the tree peony will sulk for far longer… they purely 'hate' being moved at all!

22 Apr, 2014


I moved mine last Autumn and thought I'd killed it. All the branches fell off. Miraculously it must have shocked it into blooming this Spring for the first time in 3 years. It needs to be planted deeper than ordinary peonies.

22 Apr, 2014


thanks, everyone...since i do have to move it before the fall, i'll be careful to take a big hunk of soil...maybe if i talk nicely, it will forgive me!..............pat

22 Apr, 2014


Could well do…

22 Apr, 2014


For future reference, the ideal time to move a paeony is immediately after leaf fall.

22 Apr, 2014


thanks, Andrew...that's good to know...i had numbers peonies in my old garden, but never needed to move them..

24 Apr, 2014

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