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Is this that deadly disease of Buxus? It appeared on a side, which is turned from the sun and touches with other shrubs.

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Doesn't really look like Box Blight - the cobwebby stuff indicates some sort of pest rather than an infection, and the new growth looks normal. Not sure what the pest might be though, where you are.

24 Apr, 2014


Ok, thank you, Bamboo.
I had seen there several very thin and lightgreen caterpillars, but I didn t know, if it is related to those "spider-like webs".

24 Apr, 2014


Box tree caterpillar probably - don't know how long its been in your country, only just arrived in the UK. Sprays containing pyrethrum have some effect, but picking the caterpillars off is possible.The RHS has a page on this, so google Box tree caterpillar

24 Apr, 2014


THANK YOU, Bamboo.

24 Apr, 2014


The Buxus died last week.

18 Sep, 2014


Shame - what treatment did you use?

19 Sep, 2014


I picked caterpillars, which were visible, and then sprayed it with some chemical, which was recommended to me in the shop. I think that wasn´t the only case and Buxus had both diseases.

19 Sep, 2014

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