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I would love to know what has 'got' my Sweet Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) . . . it's never had a problem in previous years. Thanks.

April_damp_evening_004 April_damp_evening_002



Sorry, I don't know :-( , but the pictures made me smile... the first looks just like an very large, angry greenfly!! My own garden has been infested by some new type of insect not known to me, even slug, greenfly and caterpillar treatments aren't working...

24 Apr, 2014


I see what you mean, Roslil :))

24 Apr, 2014


I suspect this is damage caused by one of the sap sucking capsid bugs- its a right pain, once you've got it, it overwinters on various things. There are insecticidal treatments you can use.

24 Apr, 2014


Thanks Bamboo. I hope I'll be able to 'nip it in the bud' and will hunt out an insecticide.

24 Apr, 2014

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