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About 3 weeks ago I put my sweet peas outside and as I had run out of pea sticks I used the prunings from my smoke plant as supports. The sweet peas are doing well, but so are the prunings which seem to have taken. Should I leave them in or will the rob the soil of nutrients needed for the sweet peas. Many thanks



it could be that they look alive from the sap in the sticks and will die without roots......
thereagain you may get roots.....
I would wait and see what happens, I doubt they would have many roots by the autumn anyway.

25 Apr, 2014


Thank you Pam, I will leave well alone

25 Apr, 2014


And you can pot some of them up next spring and freecycle them - same thing happened here with some dogwood.

25 Apr, 2014


My reason for joining GOY was to identify an issue with my smokebush. As well as getting the advice I needed, I was told that they took ever so easily by just pushing a stem into the soil. So maybe that's exactly what has happened.

25 Apr, 2014


Thank you everyone for taking the time to answer x nan

26 Apr, 2014

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