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My son has just got a house and the garden at the back is full of Blackberry bushes we have been told to use poison. But he cannot use that as he has a dog and a cat , what can we use that want harm the animals.
sorry that I have not got a photo.



You can cut them right down, and dispose of the foliage and dig out the roots, hard work but clean and effective.

25 Apr, 2014


If you spray with roundup/or SBK [shrub brush and root] killer and keep the animals away until the spray dries there shouldn't be a problem. Its not usual for them to eat bramble leaves.

25 Apr, 2014


I'd go for a combination of these - first cut them down and then treat the new shoots with SBK but it might need more than one application. If the area is suitable regular mowing finishes them off as it leaves the roots nothing to support them, and in that case you might manage without the SBK if you're worried about pets

26 Apr, 2014

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