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I have just cleared a border of Arum Italicum which is a very invasive plant. Can any body advise me how to get rid all the tuberous root system ? Last year I removed some from the back garden and I thought I had really removed all the root system but no it has penetrated the weed suppression material I used. Would weed killer work? Thank you for any advice.




Try damaging the leaves by treading on them first, otherwise the glossy surface will shed all the weedkiller.
Other than that I think it's just persistence. I've never been able to get rid of the Arum maculatum from my garden as the bulbs are at least 3 feet down in clay!

28 Apr, 2014


Unless it is causing you a real problem I'd let it romp away - it isn't invasive in the same way that A maculatum is.

28 Apr, 2014


spray any foliage from July onwards and the weed killer is taken down into the corms underground. they are then killed by the weed killer. Continually removing the foliage will use the reserves from the corm and weaken it as it continually tries to grow more leaves.

28 Apr, 2014


Thank you for your ideas. I think I will just have to keep digging over the border till I have removed as much of the root system. Then I will take time to plant the border.

29 Apr, 2014

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