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Hello. What are these 3 plants called?

2014_04_28_19.36.24 2014_04_28_19.36.52 2014_04_28_19.35.32



No.1 Auricula (a primula)
No.2 Drumstick primula
No.3 Wiegela, possibly purpurea.

28 Apr, 2014


1 Primula auricula. Known as Auriculas

2 Primula denticulata

3. Weigela. But I don't know which variety. The leaves look quite dark. I bet some one will have a good idea. Hope this helps, Trixie.

28 Apr, 2014


Agree with the two comments above!

28 Apr, 2014


could the weigelia be Bristol Ruby?
agree with the id's for the prims too.

29 Apr, 2014


The Weigela is 'follis purpureus'...

29 Apr, 2014

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