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i have a plum tree that was blown over because the ground was so wet. It is too large to stand up again. Can i cut branches off it to replant? or can i try covering the roots and maybe still have plums on the branches that is not laying on the ground? i don't want to loose it.



You can try covering the roots with something in an attempt to get a crop this year, but you will have to have the tree removed if you can't get it upright and back in the ground. Taking hardwood cuttings is possible, but it won't be like the tree you've got now - plum trees are grafted onto other rootstocks to give them vigour, or to restrict their height and spread, depending which rootstock is used.

29 Apr, 2014


If the ground was so wet that the tree couldn't support its own weight, then I would re-site it. Water logged ground isn't beneficial for a plum tree and will cause problems. Maybe move the tree to higher ground?

29 Apr, 2014

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