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I have a space for a garden ornament of some kind and wondered if anyone had any suggestions. I'd like something up to a metre tall an preferably in copper or bronze colour. Thanks.

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This is personal choice really? I think of bronze as statues while I think of copper changing colour as it ages, looking good with water. Go for what you like, do some research? Artists often display their sculptures/work in gardens open to the public and they are often for sale, there are 2 that do this near where I live. Visiting gardens and exhibitions can give great ideas. Also have you looked through Goypeadia pages such as Design ideas' and 'Chelsea flower show'. Take your time and something will click, after all you have to live with it!

1 Jun, 2010


Also take a look at GoYpedia Feature Ideas.... I hope this helps :o)

1 Jun, 2010


Tt's comment will give you lots of ideas-- also--- just check out Andrewr's giraffe-- she's a beauty

2 Jun, 2010


Hi all, thanks for the suggestions so far. Spent last night trawling through the Feature Ideas section and saw a Moorish mirror that I have already purchased just a couple of weeks ago. This one had been painted and set into some trellis so guess what I'll be doing with mine now.....

As for the vacant space, further trawling of the net threw up images of armillary sundials. I really like the modern ones that don't have the arrow heads on. However, the space in my garden will not get enough sun to warrant a sundial but something similar that is purely decorative will do just as well. I have also considered placing an obelisk there with an armillary on the top, with plants surrounding the bottom.

So..........lots to be thinking about. Once it is all complete I'll try and post some pics. It may take a while as the garden is being totally revamped, and is already unrecogniseable from before we started. I have spent many an evening looking through pics on here, looking for some inspriation before the whole project got underway! Thanks again.


2 Jun, 2010

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