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Planting suggestion. Could do with some suggestions for perennial plants that provide early spring colour for a narrow shady damp border.



how early? and do you want flowers or foliage? These are some of the plants I grow in shade.
Vinca minor/lamium/carex/pulmonaria/ range of evergreen ferns.

there will be other suggestions too I am sure.

30 Apr, 2014


Thanks Seaburn girl. I looked some up and like the look of the tiarella's, very pretty.

1 May, 2014


Epimediums, primroses, anemone ranunculoides, anemone nemorosa, carefull though, it becomes an addiction...

1 May, 2014


Teadrinker- yes I know what you mean..... Need to dig out some old plants to make way for some new!

1 May, 2014

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