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anyone else on this site got infested by megabrowse malware? can the administrators help? thanks



How would I know? I'm not very technical. .........

1 May, 2014


Me neither, until I read your reply Pamg, I thought it was a question about a plant disease!

1 May, 2014


If you have Malware on your computer then you would have got it by downloading a program that contained the Malware program. The administrators wouldn't be able to help as the program will be on your computer.

You can download a free Malware removal program that will get rid of it, Just Google Malware removal.

1 May, 2014


I like that Nan xxx
Sounds nasty doesn't it!

1 May, 2014


thanks all! No, it's not a plant disease though it seems to be as prevalent as ground elder! beware lest it infects your computers... I haven't yet found a way to neutralise it (because if you look up the remedies, it infects those also...) ah, well, keep trying I suppose... and Myron yes it might have arrived on my computer despite my supposed faultproof virus checkers but hey if it's as they say a profit-making endeavour perhaps growsonyou has however inadvertently allowed this hence my query?

10 May, 2014


The only way that malware can be installed is by executing a program, so it wouldn't have come from this site or any other site just by visiting the site. You are right regarding profit making though, as authors of freeware software sometimes include a malware program together with their FREE programs to make some money, they are not usually harmful but are annoying never the less.

Your virus protection software wouldn't have picked this malware up because it's not a virus as such but a program that you intentionally installed, albeit unwittingly.

Sometimes the programmer will tell you that that Malware is included with the program, usually hidden away in the licence agreement, but this isn't always the case. Some programs give you you option of un-ticking the add-on programs during the installation process, but this is easily missed.

The only way of avoiding malware is to buy it from a trusted source, as something for nothing usually means something for someone to make money somehow.

If you download a program called Ad-Aware from Lavasoft this should get rid of the Malware.

10 May, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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