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I have a flat piece of land (6x6mtrs) that was grass (not lawn) but for the last two years has had a pile of upturned grass, now compost on it. I had thought of turning it into a little wildflower meadow but now realize that the compost rules that out, its in full sun on the top of a hill in Norfolk and a bit on the windy side. Does anyone have any ideas as to what use I might put this little piece of garden to without to much upkeep, many thanks Phyl.



Hi Phyl,

When you say 'now compost' do you mean that the upturned grass has composted down or that you've spread compost over the site?

If it's the grass which has composted down then you should have nice soil for a wildflower meadow. Rake it over to a fine tilth as if you were preparing for a lawn and sow a mixed meadow and grass seeds.

Take a look around your area to see what grows naturally and bear in mind that the full sun and wind could make it quite dry so worth avoiding heavy drinkers!

1 May, 2014


I wouldn't worry too much about the heavy drinkers though, around here they tent to congregate on the park benches ;o)

1 May, 2014


Oh Myron you make me smile :0)

How about planting small spring bulbs?
I agree about looking at what grows naturally in the area, wven a wild area needs tending, the vigorous ones would take over, but theragain even dandelion and thistle have their wildlife followers...

2 May, 2014


Cornflower and poppies are so pretty to see

2 May, 2014


Thank you everyone for your help, Phyl.

3 May, 2014

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