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verdone extra, hi all i have a piece of lawn that used to be a pond and has been filled in and grasses over in a fashion, i have used verdone extra to get rid of all the weeds and i want repair and re seed the area its about 20 square meters, my question is how long do i have to wait before i reseed my area of lawn, the verdone has been down a month , any advice is always gratefully received



It's recommended that you wait a month before you plant new grass seed after using a weed control. However, you could try giving the area a really good soak with a hosepipe to flush any Verdone away and then reseed.

1 May, 2014


thanks myron, makes it a long old job really, 6 weeks for the verdone to do its magic, and then another 4 to seed but i suppose it will be worth it when its done , thanks again

2 May, 2014


If you're going to wait 6 weeks after applying the Verdone then there's no need to wait an extra 4 weeks as the time starts when you first applied it. Personally I wouldn't wait 6 weeks, Verdone will start to work immediate and the weeds should be dead in a few days. If you're in a hurry to reseed the lawn, then I would wait a week or two after applying Verdone then give the grass a good douse with water then apply the grass seed.

2 May, 2014


Verdone extra persists in the soil for 6 weeks, after which its effects start to fade. It does damage young grass, so if its been down 4 weeks, I'd certainly wait another 2 weeks before attempting to reseed.

2 May, 2014


thanks myron and bamboo, i will spit the difference and wait 8 weeks from first application to reseed, thanks for all your help its been a tricky subject to get confirmation on, but i think im sorted now and confident to progress

2 May, 2014

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