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I went away for two days.. when I returned something had eaten most of my runner bean plant! It has one large ish leaf left and a long stem .. can it survive ? What is eating out and how do I stop them from doing so ?



Probably slugs or snails or both - slug pellets!

2 Jun, 2010


Thanks Bamboo.

2 Jun, 2010


Should I leave the plant in..will it grow ?

2 Jun, 2010


The plants will only survive if the growing point is still ok... the bud right in the middle of the plant where it's producing the bean 'vine'. New leaves and a shoot will come from this.
If the growing point is damaged, I'm afraid they will be kaput.
If I were you I'd just sow another dozen or two in a module and put them somewhere warm like a greenhouse or sunny windowsill. They will be up in a week and you'd be able to transplant them in 10 days.
Healthy new plants will probably outgrow the damaged ones, even if they weren't killed, and in the end you will probably find you are cropping them as early as anybody else's.
(I've just done exactly that with some Spanish kidney beans as the first ones sown outside all succumbed to snails or maybe the goose!)

2 Jun, 2010


Many thanks Bertiefox.

2 Jun, 2010


if there are side axil buds it will sprout from the sies. Mine have done so after snails got to them first.

2 Jun, 2010


Thanks Seaburngirl...will take a look.

2 Jun, 2010

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