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By Chino

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Help on a climber please.

I have just bought a Solanum, can anyone tell me anything about it as I can't find it in my gardening book.



Have you tried scrolling down to the A-Z at the bottom of this page, click on S and look on the 3rd page if that helps or you could upload a pic im sure someone would know your solanum. p.

2 May, 2014


Depends which one - does the label simply say Solanum, or are there one or two other words following that? solanum is a large group, covering potatoes, aubergine, nightshade up to ornamental climbers.

3 May, 2014


Thanks for your replies. my solanum is a flowering climbing plant, supposed to be white. I would like to know how vigorous it is and will it need pruning, also how long will it flower and is it evergreen.

3 May, 2014


Hard to say without knowing the variety - if its Solanum jasminoides 'album', that's pretty tender and will keel over at the slightest hint of frost - if its Solanum crispum 'album', that's a bit hardier, but still needs a very sheltered spot. Both are semi evergreen, will lose leaves in a cold winter. Suggest you google both varieties and look at images of the leaves - the leaves on the hardier one are thicker and not so wavy. Expected height about 2 metres.

3 May, 2014


Thanks bamboo. I will google it, I shall be a bit miffed if it the tender one as the spot where its going is against a wall but isn't really sheltered. If its the hardier one I shall wrap it in fleece for the winter and hope it survives.

3 May, 2014

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