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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I seem to remember you guys told me the plant below is a weigela. I've grew 5 of these from small cuttings.
I think I want to grow one each side of my garage door, but -
1. How long can they stay in the pots shown.
2. Can I keep it trimmed thin and keep it at about 6 ft tall.
3.Might someone else want the other 3 or should I discard them.
And finally - do my photos still arrive on their sides ?



I've seen the photo in a separate question...

1. In pots that size, about another year if you're lucky.
2. If you want it to be six foot tall, you'll need a pot that's two feet deep and at least 12 inches wide.
3. Can't answer that one...
4. Yes, your photos are still sideways on!

3 May, 2014


Thanks B, I have the pots so may do it. And I once found how to put the photos on correctly - will try harder next time.

3 May, 2014


There is one thing you might want to consider - the natural growth habit of Weigela is arching - it goes up and arches out, and those branches will be laden with flowers. That might not make it an ideal subject to grow either side of a door...

3 May, 2014


Thanks again B, I now realise it wouldn't be appropriate in that position. I now need a plan B.

4 May, 2014


I turn my phone to the left to take pics and they upload correct on Goy its a samsung :)

4 May, 2014


Thanks D, I'll turn mine similarly and check with friends if it helps.

5 May, 2014

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